OYKA Paper Packing

Performs production at two different plants in Caycuma and exports to many countries of the World, producing Standard Kraft Paper, Semi-Extensible Sack Kraft Paper, Packaging Paper, Wet-Strength Paper, HP Semi-Extensible Sack Kraft Paper, Kraftliner and industrial type bag with polyethylene in middle layers, up to 4 piles and 8 colors, kraft paper and outer surface in white color.

What is Paper?

The material which is created by fringing and bonding fibers of herbal materials such as wood, hay, moss, etc, and which is suitable for printing is called paper.

Paper has played a major role in expansion and development of science and culture; it was the inauguration of the ancient money in commercial activities such as purchase, exchange, etc. Ease of writing, handling and storing provided by paper has guaranteed easy access of science and knowledge at any place to everywhere around the world in a very short time, becoming one of the major instruments of today's civilized culture.

How is Paper Produced?

Factories producing papers can be divided into two groups as Wood Pulp Factoriesand Paper Factories. However, paper factories are established as integrated facilities today, performing both paper and pulp production.


The trees, which are the raw material of the paper, are cut down and turned into logs.


Dimensions of the raw material are reduced to 50x50 mm.


Debarked logs are firstly chopped into small parts. Then such logs are turned into pulp upon performance of chemical firing and grinding application.


The production process is initiated after the formula, corresponding to the product ordered, is defined on the computer system by the authorized personnel in the plants.


After the first instruction, aggregate, cement and water stocked in separate divisions are weighed at the same time.


The temperature of the mix in the kiln increases up to 1500-16000C, the mix rotating and moving forward is transformed into black round pieces in size of a walnut.


Once the clinker is formed, it must be cooled down to 1000C.


Once the clinker is formed, it must be cooled down to 1000C.

Recycled Paper

Waste paper is considered as raw material in the field of recycling. Any types of paper and cartons, which have completed their function in any field of use, are considered as waste paper.

Paper is the easiest material to be recycled. Paper and packing wastes constitute a major part of the waste chain. Recycling of paper has important advantages with respect to environment.

Treated and refined pulp is used either alone or by being mixed with the pure wood fiber after it is made available for production based on its intended production/use.

OYKA Paper Packing

OYKA Paper Packing performs activity in production of kraft paper and bags made of kraft paper. The annual production capacity is 100.000 tons for paper and 220 million pcs for paper bag. Production is performed at the following plants:


OYKA Caycuma Paper Plant is the only integrated kraft paper plant operating in Turkey. The Plant produces Standard Kraft Paper, Packaging Paper, Semi-Extensible Sack Kraft Paper, Wet-Strength Paper, HP Semi-Extensible Sack Kraft Paper and Kraftliner by means of cellulose which is also produced by the Plant.


The Plant, which has operated in the cement industry with the capacity of 80 million pcs since 1963 under the name of Adana Bag Plant, was acquired by OYAK in 1998. In 2002, the Plant was renamed as OYKA Kagit Ambalaj San.ve Tict.A.S. Current bag line has operated in the plants of Caycuma since 2014. Caycuma Paper Bag Plant with the capacity to produce 70 million pcs was founded in 2008 for the purpose of meeting the marketing conditions developed in the non-cement industries as well as meeting the requests for the bags in compliance with the needs of the customers, and a third bag line with the production capacity of 70 million pcs was commissioned as of July 2011. In respect of the food, seed, chemical products, mining, gypsum and cement, 8-color printing machine was commissioned at Caycuma Plant in Turkey for the first time, and was put into use in the industry.

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