The Project "Development and Establishment of Industrial Forest Plantation in Turkey"


    90% of the afforestation areas, in total 200 million ha all over the world, have been established to satisfy the industrial wood demand. (Kanowski, 1997).

    Approximately, there is a forest area of 21,7 million ha in our country (GDF, 2013). Industrial afforestation area constitutes about 55-60 thousand ha, 0,03% in terms of width, of the 21,7-million ha natural forest area. This corresponds to the 0,3% of the total forest area.

    These afforestations have been generally established in inconvenient lands and marsh areas, where wood production is not available, in accordance with the ecological requirements of fast-growing tree species.

    Due to the industrial afforestation, wood raw materials are produced at a lower price. This is an important point in increasing the exportation capability of the woodworking industrial enterprises.

    Endustriyel Agac Tarimi Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Sirketi (ENAT) was founded by the 26 founding partners, from various business worlds, in particular the fibre-chip and paper and packaging industry, and founding member, OYKA, in 2005 in order to meet the deficiency of wood raw material, increasing day by day, not from our natural forests, but from the industrial afforestation lands to be established for wood production purposes.

    The Project "Development and Establishment of Industrial Forest Plantation in Turkey", supported by ENAT with the aim of increasing the contribution to the national economy of the forestry industry and developing the industrial afforestation investments, was launched with the cooperation of TEMA (The Turkish Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion, for Reforestation and the Protection of Natural Habitats) Foundation and the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. The Project was carried out under the coordination of Poplar and Fast Growing Forest Trees Research Institution and with the contributions of the Faculty of Forestry of Istanbul University and Abant Izzet Baysal University.

    OYKA Paper Packaging contributes significantly to the social responsibility projects and national economy through ENKA, which OYKA took the initiative to establish in order to decrease erosion and carbon emission, contribute to rural development, decrease the dependence on foreign markets and create employment opportunities.


The initial afforestations started in Bursa-Karacabey Kiranlar Village within the scope of the Project. As of the year 2012,1.750.000 trees have been planted on an area of 1255 ha in total, in Kedikaya and Dagesemen Villages of Karacabey, Ezine Kizilkoy and Gokceada of Canakkale.


The most effective solution to carbon emission and global warming, gradually becoming an important problem all over the world, is undoubtedly to protect and expand the flora. Aiming at serving to the environment as much as to the economy by supporting the industrial plantation for the purpose of growing trees and producing the mass wood raw material, OYKA is aware of being sensitive to the social responsibility and has involved in the project of ENAT since the establishment process.